Create a unique and professional 3D impression of your logo
To complete doming a thin layer of Polyurethane resin is applied to a digital sticker, creating a 3D effect stand alone product include: dome stickers, name badges, key rings, zip pullers.

Stickers are digitally printed on an adhesive vinyl in full-colour and then automatically cut to the required shape and size. The stickers are coated with a polyurethane resin to give a three-dimensional appearance.

  • Ideal for multi-colour logos which are hard to replicate with other print techniques
  • Can be applied to smooth and rigid surfaces but works best on products with a purpose-made recessed plaque


Preparing of Artwork for Doming

Preparing the artwork in order for it to be used:

  • Any high-res image format is supported
  • Artwork is printed directly onto vinyl
  • A clear resin is then placed onto the printed vinyl cutout


  • Can brand any smooth, flat surface
  • Full colour print
  • Can be a great alternative to a 1 colour screen print on certain bags & items


  • Stickers may come off the products
  • Turn-around time is long, slow process
  • Cannot brand uneven or rough surfaces
  • Cannot brand on any fabrics

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