Embroidery is the art of working raised and ornamental designs in threads
Embroidery is the branding option of choice on most upmarket knitted items and the majority of headwear. It is the art of working raised and ornamental designs in threads of silk, cotton, gold or silver upon any woven, knitted fabric or item. Embroidery is very popular when branding corporate clothing with company logo’s. Costs are determined by the total stitch count of the logo to be embroidered, the total items to be embroidered and the complexity of the logo. Embroidery is a process whereby a design is stitched onto a material through the use of high speed, computer controlled sewing machines. The artwork for embroidery must first be “digitised,” which is the specialised process of converting two-dimensional artwork into stitches or thread. The digitiser must actually recreate the artwork using stitches. They then program the sewing machine to sew a specific design, in a specific colour, with a specific type of stitch. This is the process known as digitising. Embroidery is most commonly used on logo patches, apparel and caps or hats.

  • Classic decoration technique
    Creates a high value look
    Suitable for both at and irregular surfaces
    Allows single and multi-colour branding
    Logos can be embroidered in up to 9 different thread colours

Preparing of Artwork

Preparing the artwork in order for it to be used for embroidery:


  • Any high-res image format
  • Digitised using Wilcom software package
  • Digitising Charge = Once off


  • Size of the main embroidery
  • Size of written letters
  • Framing the embroidery (pockets on shirts)
    • Embroidered above pocket
    • Remove pocket, embroider, then resew the pocket
  • Long turn-around time for large orders
  • Fine detail will not brand correctly


  • Adds a more prestigious look to the garment
  • Small quantities are often more cost-effective than Screen Printing
  • Embroidery will not fade or wash away
  • Certain items must be embroidered – some items cannot be screen printed (Eg. – fleece, certain moisture management garments, and synthetic garments).

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