You’re poised to employ a corporate-branding company to keep your brand identity top of mind in relation to any competitors and work towards raising brand awareness. But how do you select or invest in the most potent brand-awareness tools out of those offered to you and, once these have been delivered, how best do you showcase them to the market? Read on…


You want your company to present as a “shining light” out there – for customers past and future, and industry watchers everywhere. Your brand needs to be highlighted as the most value for money, authentic and trustworthy option for its target market – versus the high-chargers in your niche who, in comparison, may offer relatively low value and even less customer service. But what can you do to get the word out there in the appropriate manner while still raising brand awareness?


Here are a few great steps for raising brand awareness to help you build a customer base and succeed against the competitive odds by displaying your corporate branding pitch-perfectly:


Wow with packaging


When you ship goods, be sure to invest in packaging that includes your logo, recognisable colours and overall brand experience. This unique combination tells a story about your business, which a customer may absorb even more readily than the product itself. Be warned: if you forego this option, you’ll be missing out on a splendid opportunity to schmooze your clients in 2019-to-2020’s heavily competitive marketplace. Think branded boxes, eye-catching wrapping and even a few ribbons in the company colours; then add these items to your corporate-branding order!

Set up a shoot


Secured a gorgeous model or social media influencer? Tick. Received delivery of your branded clothing, car wrap and other logo-ed items? Tick. It pays to make a big deal out of the corporate branding in which you have invested – so once you’ve browsed through that catalogue, waited impatiently for the ordered items to arrive and your staff are now using them, wearing them or driving them, what about letting your customers know? Bring your branded items to the attention of your audience by displaying those high-quality shoot images on your website and Facebook Business Page – along with a clever question, which will draw loads of interest and many responses.


Make an Insta-splash


If your MD goes for branded mugs, memory sticks and notebooks when your company has its annual corporate branding review, be sure to photograph these items for Instagram, while mentioning the actual services you offer that save customers time and make their busy lives more efficient. In this way, the visual wins out as a clever tool for reaching out to potential customers; and reminding past ones that you’re still in the marketplace and continue to offer a rocking service. How about expanding your range of branded items to include a golf shirt for staff members, where your logo and pantone colours cannot be missed?


Give away freebies & run competitions


Place useful branded items – such as caps, pens, water bottles or buffs – in race goodie bags; or offer a nice prize on social media for interested parties who introduce friends (by tagging them) or vote for the best posted photo or video (thereby drawing traffic). The sky is the limit when placing your corporate-branding order for such items; all it takes is a little forethought.


According to Mellanie Jenkins, who heads up Sporting Images in Cape Town, there are numerous ways for clients to power up their corporate branding clout. “Every two years, we sit with our valued clients while running through our latest corporate branding brochures with them. This approach helps to showcase to them the latest trends in the marketplace – such as the comfiest golf shirts, lazer-engraved year-end gifts, branded headwear and super-handy lunchboxes available right now, which can be seen on our Facebook Page. We are adamant about service-excellence and quick turn-around times for the products they invest in, and are always excited to see how they will use these to get the word out there – physically and in cyberspace – as to what makes their businesses unique and why customers shouldn’t hesitate to sign up for their services.”